BSC Academy

 The BSC Academy is a year-long program for young talents who are interested in business and entrepreneurship in Liberia. The academy, developed in collaboration with BSC Monrovia, will target high potential students and ambitious entrepreneurs. In the ideate stage, the BSC Academy aims to empower ‘Academy Aspirants’[1] to explore new ways of entrepreneurship and discover potential markets.

Problem Analysis

The entrepreneurial culture in Liberia is based on duplicating existing businesses rather than searching for the market niche or an more inventive product or advanced service. The lack of innovation in Liberian entrepreneurial practice and culture creates the unfortunate situation that emerging opportunities are overlooked and therefore do not match with new business models, services and products. Thus, there is a need to enable entrepreneurs to overcome innovation-related disadvantages associated with networking, knowledge exchange and technology transfer.

By supporting the development of an innovative entrepreneur-based society, the BSC Academy contributes to the enhancement of Liberia’s business landscape and thereby making it more suitable for future foreign investors.


 Let’s share, inspire and create!

Providing young talents the opportunity to grow, develop and change Liberia’s future through entrepreneurship.


The BSC Academy’s goal is the creating an innovative entrepreneur-based society in order to enhance Liberia’s business landscape and thereby making it more suitable for future foreign investors.


The main objective of the BSC Academy is to expose entrepreneurs to new ways of looking at entrepreneurship and explore new potential markets. It is the stage of ideation the academy supports.

This is achieved by:

  • sharing knowledge of national and international experts
  • having access to a large network of investors and experts
  • creating an environment (space and tools) where the Academy Aspirants can develop their own vision, ideas and plans


The outcomes of the BSC Academy can be defined in soft and hard outcomes.

Hard outcomes

  • Increased employability of those who were trained by the BSC Academy
  • 40% of the Academy Aspirants completed a Business Plan

Soft outcomes

The Academy Aspirant will:

  • be inspired by new ideas
  • gain knowledge from national and international experts
  • expand their network

Who contributes to the BSC Academy?

Various international and national experts and companies are working with the BSC Academy to provide workshops, lectures and company visits. Amongst others our current partners are the Dutch BKB Academy, iLab and the Shanghai Farm.


Every month, over ten weekends, the Academy Aspirants will gather together with experts to develop practical skills and develop their own creative ideas and cover topics such as business, innovation, communication and finance. Each weekend includes: workshops of national or international experts, team activities and exercises. On top of this, several visits to companies will be offered.

The composition of the group

The BSC Academy stands for equal opportunities and therefore aims to maintain a balance between:

  • gender
  • personal background
  • religion
  • educational background
  • level of experience

[1] Academy Aspirants is the term that will be used for the participants of the BSC Academy. The participants will be high potential students and ambitious entrepreneurs. Young talents with an interest in business and entrepreneurship.