Academy Aspirants are creative, curious, pro-active and committed to bring change to their lives, their communities and thereby contribute to the economic development Liberia. The target group of the BSC Academy is young and ambitious Liberian youth from ALU member universities or vocational schools that has the requisite skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship and willing to improve on them. The age range for this program is 18-35 years.

The selection process

Providing this tremendous opportunity for Academy Aspirants requires an incredible amount of time and resources from BSC Monrovia. Therefore, the selection process needs to be stringent and comprehensive in order to select those participants who have the potential,  capacity and the drive to  benefit from it the most.

Every year, around fifteen participants will start with the BSC Academy. In August, young talents can apply for the BSC Academy. The selection process will be based on motivation, CV and a personal interview.

An Academy Aspirant is:

  • Able to work in a team and with external relations

The ability to partner with others will greatly enhance the chances of success. The participant needs to have the personality and skills to be able to cooperate. This means they have to be able to tie businesses together on order to share regional, national or worldwide production, trade and distribution channels, information systems, data bases, and Research & Development.

  • Has a “sales attitude” and good communication skills

Entrepreneurs need to be evincive in order to promote and sell their concept, business, product or service to customers, bankers, vendors, employees, investors, suppliers, etc.

In addition, the participant needs to have excellent communication and persuasion skills. The most persuasive pitch comes from a true believer, someone who truly believes in his idea and what he wants to achieve.

  • Has multi-functional skills & good work ethics

For an entrepreneur, it is essential to be able to work independently as well as in a team. Therefore, the participant is required to have multi-functional skills and must be able to maintain good work ethics.

  • Able to deal with rejection and is pro-active and perseverance

For every entrepreneurial venture that succeeds, ten fail and ten more never get off the ground to be recognized as a failure. The participant not only has to be able to deal with failure, but also learn from it for future business ventures.

  • Is motivated & committed

The focus will be on the motivation of the participants instead of their experience. It is also essential that participants are truly committed to achieving their goals.

  • Additional skills:

Flexible, creative, independent, proactive, initiative, open-minded, socially involved and committed to economic development in Liberia.