BSC Advisory Board

The BSC Advisory Board is a group of individuals who have been assembled to offer advice and guidance to the management team of SMEs. It will provide in-depth, structured support and coaching to the entrepreneurs. This will help them improve their business, overcome their challenges and expand their operations and network. The entrepreneurs will benefit from the BSC Advisory Board for their business as a whole or in specialized areas such as sales, logistics, finance, technology, marketing or any other specialization. For SMEs, the BSC Advisory Board is an excellent way to get advice and counsel from an impartial source.

Target group

The target group for the BSC Advisory Board are SMEs after their start-up phase. The pilot Advisory Board will focus on the SMEs that have taken part in one of the BSC activities, such as the Business Plan Competition. When successful, the Advisory Board could extend its services to other SMEs in Liberia.


The Advisory Board have five to seven members. The Board consists of professionals and representatives from different areas of society, both from the public and private sectors. Members are selected based on their experience, roles and capability to provide guidance and advise.

We are pleased with the current pledges of members to sit on the board:

  • Chairman: Natty Davis (Former Chairman NIC)
  • Project Coordinator: William R. Dennis, II. (BSC Monrovia, Project Coordinator)
  • Representative BSC Monrovia:  Janice-Love Bropleh (Head of Monitoring)
  • Representative University of Liberia: Dr. Walter Wiles (Vice President Institutional Development)
  • Representative Ministry of Commerce: To Be Decided
  • Representative IFC: Evariste Nduwayo (SME Ventures Programme Coordinator)
  • Representative Private Sector: To Be Decided


The BSC Advisory Board will meet on a quarterly basis. A four step approach will be taken.

  1. Every entrepreneur has the responsibility to prepare a summary of the activities of the SME and specific issues they would like to receive advice on. Some of these issues may have surfaced during the monthly monitoring process.
  2. Quarterly, the project coordinator of the BSC Advisory Board discusses each advisory need with the entrepreneur and draft an Advisory Needs Report. This report will be circulated to all BSC Advisory Board Members at least two days prior to the meeting.
  3. The advisory board meets quarterly to discuss each advisory need. An advise is drafted for each of the advisory needs. If necessary, the advice is postponed awaiting other actions, such as gathering more information or networking.
  4. The project coordinator is responsible to forward and discuss the advice from the advisory board to the entrepreneurs.


The primary goal of the BSC Advisory Board is to provide advice on a quarterly basis. The solutions of the board could range from an advise for training, provide network opportunities, to practical assistance in decision making. Specialist advice or coaching activities could be provided one-to-one if necessary.


The BSC Advisory board is organized by BSC Monrovia & Spark. BSC Monrovia is registered as an Independent Liberian NGO. The BSC conducts several programs with the focus on business and entrepreneurship.